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Jakov Buljan has been travelling for some 40 years, criss-crossing all the continents except Antarctica. He has lived and worked in countries as diverse as Austria, Burundi, India and Libya, among Christians, Sikhs, Moslems and Hindus. At home in Vienna (Austria) but also in Madras (now Chennai), Shanghai, Paris, Bujumbura, Porto Alegre (Brazil), Lahore and Sydney. He has set his foot in Copenhagen, Rangoon, Quito, Pécs, Bergen (Norway), Kathmandu, Stockholm, Maputo, Chengdu, Philadelphia, Tibet, Florence, Cape Town, Geneva, Melbourne, Antananarivo, Northampton, Reutlingen, Nairobi – and the list goes on.

Mr. Buljan is happily retired and back in Zagreb.

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Rating: 1.8/5 (210 votes)

How to survive in and even enjoy Croatia - a guide for smart foreigners © Jakov Buljan, 2006
Illustrations: Dubravko Mataković     Language editor: Francesca Brizi