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About this Guide

How many people have time to read serious, thick books to find out something more about the country they're travelling to? Whose back is still strong enough to carry arround huge, scholarly (and probably boring) monographs?

Everything you may want to know about accomodation, prices, museums and galleries can easily be found on the web.

Notes on the country's features and the character of a nation, things that make it unique and different from its peers are hard to find and are spread over various sources.

This Guide is written in humorous, light tone from an auto-ironic standpoint, an easy reading for an ever-too-busy traveller, written for a quick break after closing the laptop lid mid-flight or at the airport, a bed-time relaxation in a hotel after a long working day. It is also a guide for curious tourists who want to know more about the people and surroundings they are visiting.

About the Author

Jakov Buljan has been travelling for some 40 years, criss-crossing all the continents except Antarctica. He has lived and worked in countries as diverse as Austria, Burundi, India and Libya, among Christians, Sikhs, Moslems and Hindus. At home in Vienna (Austria) but also in Madras (now Chennai), Shanghai, Paris, Bujumbura, Porto Alegre (Brazil), Lahore and Sydney. He has set his foot in Copenhagen, Rangoon, Quito, Pécs, Bergen (Norway), Kathmandu, Stockholm, Maputo, Chengdu, Philadelphia, Tibet, Florence, Cape Town, Geneva, Melbourne, Antananarivo, Northampton, Reutlingen, Nairobi – and the list goes on.

Mr. Buljan is happily retired and back in Zagreb.

Some documents by Mr. Buljan:



About the printed version

Written and published by Jakov Buljan
Copyright © Jakov Buljan
Language editor: Francesca Brizi
Illustrations: Dubravko Mataković
Layout: Boris Bui
Printed by: Kratis, Zagreb
ISBN: 953-95387-0-X
Circulation: 1000 copies
Zagreb, April 2006

How to survive in and even enjoy Croatia

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Rating: 1.8/5 (377 votes)

How to survive in and even enjoy Croatia - a guide for smart foreigners © Jakov Buljan, 2006
Illustrations: Dubravko Mataković     Language editor: Francesca Brizi